Wetsuit Repair Centre

Whether it’s a one-off for an individual or a batch for a surf school, we’ll breathe life into old suits.

We play and work in tough environments and accidents do happen.  Whether you’ve torn your suit in a triathlon transition, split a seam whilst changing for the surf, worn out the bum going coasteering or slammed it in the car door, it can be fixed.  At Techneopro Wetsuit Repair Centre, our experienced team carry-out cost effective and speedy repairs in order to get you back in the water as soon as possible.

Simply send the suit to Techneopro using the Repair Forms and we will be happy to quote for repair. Should you require an urgent repair, please let us know as we are able to fast track goods in order to get you on your way.

Wash, Clean and Dry

Before you send us your wetsuit for repair, please ensure it is washed, clean and dry.

Repair Process

1. Send your wetsuit to us with the repair form.
2. We provide you with a cost for the repair.
3. After receiving your payment, we start work.
4. We post it back to you usually within 3-4 days.

Note – Please don’t leave it too late to get your wetsuit repaired.  We go as fast as we can but 48 hours before your big race or comptition makes it stressful for everyone.

Repair Forms

Repair Order Form
Click to Download (pdf) or Download a Word version

Highlight on the form where on your suit requires repair. It can be more than one area on the suit.

Repair Address Label
Click to Download (pdf)

Repairing Your Tears

We know what it’s like when your suit is damaged. The timing is always the worst and you need it back as soon as possible and of course, you want a quality job. Well here’s how we’re going to do it for you.

Stitching Seam FailureMost suits are glued and stitched. Should the stitching fail it is essential to repair as soon as possible. The stitching is the real strength of the seam and without it your garment has a real weak spot that can tear easily.
We have all types of sewing machine including blind stitch machines which are used extensively in the manufacture of high quality suits. Hand stitching is also sometimes used, where machining is not possible or may prove a risk to the suit.

Wetsuits are amazing garments, using your body heat they are able to keep you warm by keeping the small amount of water between you and the suit warm. Should the neoprene tear, too much water will flush into the suit reducing the efficiency. It is important to ensure any tears are repaired as soon as possible. A split seam on a Triathlon Suit will reduce efficiency straight away and can easily get worse. Using specialist neoprene adhesives and catalysts, we are able to repair seams to the standard they were made. We do not use black hard adhesive that can damage suits. Suits are then sewn back together and where necessary reinforced with heat tape.

Where an accident has damaged the neoprene by tearing it is not possible to simply glue. We use a press to cut an accurate hole around the damage, with the same press a plug is cut. This plug can then be glued in place, machined and taped if necessary. This type of repair has been used several times where suits have been chewed by rodents.

Where serious wear has taken place, neoprene becomes very thin and will eventually tear. There is no need to purchase a new suit. By inserting a hand cut panel the suit will give you years more use. This is a common repair for arms and crutch panels which receive a great deal of stress.

Occasional wear, tear or damage can result in the need for a whole new panel. This can be carried out, and if required a different panel type can be fitted with harder wearing qualities or more stretch depending on your needs.

We are able to carry out alterations to suits which include the following. Zips in Arms, legs or Both Longer Zips Reduce Arms, Legs Key Pockets Zip Flaps Convert Suits From Long Arms and Legs (Steamer ) to Short Arms and Legs (Shorty). This is not an exhaustive list and we are always being asked to carry out specialist alterations from fly zips to dog suits! This suit (right) has had Arm Zips Fitted for ease of access