Neoprene Supplies
UK sponge neoprene supplies available for next day delivery
Contract Manufactures
Specialists in contract manufacture with sponge neoprene
Wetsuit Repair Centre
Experts in wetsuit repair for individual and batch quantities

Techneopro offers a complete solution for your sponge neoprene requirements.  We offer British made contract manufacturing, sales of sponge neoprene sheets, as well as our hugely popular wetsuit repair service.

Techneopro Contract Manufacture

Contract Manufacturing

At Techneopro we can help you throughout your neoprene product development.  Starting with your original idea, we’ll help you identify the most suitable neoprene for your application.  We can then advise on construction methods to ensure you get a great looking and functional result. Finally, we can move into full contract manufacture helping you bring your idea to fruition and completing your first full order which might be small, medium or large scale.

Wetsuit Repair Centre

Our Wetsuit Repair Centre is the repair centre of choice for market leaders in surfing and triathlon suits including Hubb and Blue Seventy. From small tears and fingernail nicks, to completely replaced neck panels and brand new reinforced knee pads.  Whether you’re an individual, part of a club with a batch of suits or, you own a surf school, we can help save your suits and save you money.

Techneopro Wetsuit Repair
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Neoprene Supplies

The UK’s largest supplier of sponge neoprene sheets available for next day delivery.  A big range of specifications to suit a huge range of applications including medical, automotive, equine, canine, sports and more!