Specialists in our field we offer genuine UK manufacturing solutions providing high quality products.  We’ll help you at any stage of your product design, development or manufacture. Contact us to discuss it further.

Original Idea

Your journey with us starts with your original idea. If we need to sign an NDA, no problem.

Before you get in touch...

Before you get in touch, think, what can you tell us about it, how many do you need and how quickly do you need it?


Get in touch and we can discuss the feasibility of your idea with you. Call or email the details on our Contact page.

Development Process

We may go round the process several times before it’s perfect, but we’ll get there!


Understanding costs is crucial so we’ll make sure everything is understood before things get serious, and exciting!

Design and Development

If the idea is feasible we’ll explore the designs and look at devevloping a prototype.

Techneopro Design

Design and Development

The start of any new idea begins with the design stage.  We encourage you to bring your original ideas to Techneopro in whatever format you have them.  This could be finished drawings created with CAD software, hand sketches or perhaps even a first prototype you’ve created. The more you can share about the product and its application, the better we can advise you on the best route forward. You don’t need to be an expert designer to have a great idea.  If necessary we’re happy to sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure your idea is protected.


Neoprene starts its life in sheet form, so to create fantastic products we need to cut the work into the designed patterns.  The vast majority of our cutting is completed with our tavelling head presses and die cut knives.  This combination enables accurate and efficient cutting which minimises waste and maximises yeild for top quality and best value products.

A small amout of work is cut with an Eastman knife.  We use this approach when cutting really large pieces, too big for our press.

Techneopro Travelling Head Press
Techneopro Heat Press Printing

Printing and Branding

Printing can really bring your products to life. Anything from a simple, single colour logo to more complicated transfers are possible with our presses. 

Our own plotter/cutter technology allows rapid single colour prototyping and production.  More complex transfers are outsourced to UK manufactures. 

Screen printing is an option for those seeking the look and finish that only screen printing can achieve.

Alternatively, a woven labels sewn into your product can add branding, information and indeed features like QR codes.


One of the brilliant properties of neoprene is its ability to be glued which can create water tight seams.  This application is perfect for creating wrist and neck seals as well as an alternative way of creating shapes that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.  Used in combination with a blind stitch sewing machine, an incredibly strong and functional seam is possible in a way that simply isn’t possible with other fabrics.

Techneopro Gluing
Techneopro Blind Stitch Sewing


At Techneopro we’ve got a wide variety of sewing machines and machinist experience to achieve an array of finishes.  With the different properties of neoprene and the requirements of the final product we’ll use straight stitch, zig zags, blind stitth, over lockers, flat lockers, mausers and binding machines to ensure we create a product that funtions, is long lasting and looks great.

We can guide you through the possibilities helping you to arrive at the right choice for you.


We have the option of packing your products so you receive the final finished goods ready for distribution.  This can be product packed in assembled boxes or, if required, in blister packs with our blister packing machine.

Alternativley, your finished products can simply be packed in cartons and shipped to you for final packing and distribution.

Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll find the right solution for you.

Techneopro Blister Packing