At Techneopro the Services Team can help you at any stage of your product prototype, development or manufacture. Contact Us to discuss it further.

Design and Development

As a modern and forward thinking company, Techneopro are part of a network of manufacturers, designers and other complimentary companies that although independent, work together to offer a wider range of one stop shop products. By working as a network, each individual company can reduce its overheads by not having to duplicate expensive equipment and resources but still maintain full flexibility and resources as required. Through this network we can offer a design and development service for most neoprene products, as well as helping you develop your own products or ideas. At Techneopro we believe that no customer is too small as “from acorns, great oak trees grow”.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a term used to describe the process of quickly and effectively evolving new products. Typically, we will either work with you to produce a scale model of the item that you want to create, or start by creating a small batch of your design. By working through early versions of your product quickly, we can help you to come to market with a ready to use product that has been tried and tested, and any initial bugs or defects identified and resolved. Many of our current range of products are the outcome of rapid prototyping. We are great believers in this approach and can help you benefit from it too.

Contract Manufacturing

As contract manufacturers, we pride ourselves in providing a professional and quality service to all customers, whether the contract is for a single item or thousands. Our speciality is in low to medium volume production, however we also have an alliance with another manufacture that can supply offshore goods for large volume contracts.