Techneopro - Our Story

Established in 2003 we have become a leader in our field. We’re proud to manufacture for large companies as well as having grown with people who have come to us with an idea and now have successful businesses.

Techneopro is a British manufacturing company based in beautiful Cornwall in South West England. The team has years of experience, helping the company to grow year on year.

Techneopro was formed by Brian Warwick and Daniel Brinson to specialise in the contract manufacture of sponge neoprene products. Both Brian and Daniel have a long history of engineering, particularly in textiles. Working with various textiles provides a world of creative opportunities which is where these two excel. Present them with a concept, and they will work out a solution. That’s not to say every solution is a viable one but with their expertise they will soon know.
Neoprene is quite a unique fabric that presents its own challenges but its array of properties, finishes and feels means for every challenge there is solution.

As contract manufacturers we pride ourselves in providing a professional and quality service to all customers, whether the contract is for a single item or thousands. Our speciality is in low to medium volume production however we also have an alliance with another manufacture that can supply offshore goods for large volume contracts.

As a modern and forward thinking company, Techneopro are part of a network of Manufacturers, Designers and other complimentary companies that although independent work together to offer a wider range of one stop shop products. By working as a network each individual company can reduce its overheads by not having to duplicate expensive equipment and resources but still maintain full flexibility and resources as required.
Through this network we can offer a design and development service for most neoprene products, as well as helping you develop your own products or ideas.

Brian Wariwkc Techneopro Director

Brian Warwick – Director and Engineer

Brian has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in manufacturing, originating in the safety industry with Kangol Magnet Ltd. where he trained as a sewing technician. To continue his training, Brian moved to Manchester and attended a clothing machine technician’s course.

In 1981, he joined Daks-Simpson in their leisurewear plant as Engineering Manager gaining valuable knowledge of fabrics and production methods within the apparel industry.

For the next two years, Brian was freelance until approached by Gul International to join them in their development department. He remained at Gul as Technical Manager for 14 years where he worked on the development of neoprene sports products and worked closely with the design team to develop new products and production methods.
Since 2003, Brian has been responsible for production and product development at Techneopro assisting customers with the development of their products, as well as working closely with the neoprene manufacturers to develop new combinations and products.

Daniel Brinson Director

Daniel Brinson – Director and Production

Daniel is a Time Served Mechanical and Production Engineer who started his career with Crithley Brothers Ltd.

Following his apprenticeship, he furthered his management training with Volkswagen Audi being responsible for Parts and Accessories at one of the leading UK dealerships.

Daniel then joined Strida Ltd, where he was responsible for overseeing the production of component manufactured by subcontractors. His first experience with the textile industry was with Courtaulds, where he was a Technical Sales Engineer promoting and maintaining business contacts with many well established companies such as, Laura Ashley, Bairdwear and Jaeger.

Following a move to Cornwall, Daniel joined Gul International where he introduced ISO9001 and established systems for both UK and imported goods. He regularly visited and audited manufacture of goods from Hungary, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, Taiwan and other countries. His work included business dealings with customers such as Marks and Spencer, ASDA, Speedo, Body Shop and many others.