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Quick questions and answers about neoprene

  • Double lined neoprene sheets – 1.2 x 2.1m
  • Single lined neoprene sheets – 1.2 x 2.0m
  • Bio-II neoprene sheets – 

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We roll your neoprene sheets around a cardboard core.  The sheets are then wrapped in a tarpaulin.  We successfully ship neoprene around Europe like this.  the number of sheets on a roll will depend on the thickness of neoprene being supplied.  As a guide we’ll get 10 sheets of 2.5mm thick neoprene on one roll. 

All single lined neoprene must be unrolled and stored on a flat surface with nothing resting on it.  Do this as soon after receiving it as possible.

Double lined neoprene can be stored on the roll but it must be laid down.  Don’t store the roll on it’s end, the neoprene will wrinkle and crease.

If your order is in stock, it will usually be dispatched the next working day (after payment has been received).  Large orders will be sent via our courier DPD using a Next Day Delivery Service and smaller orders of five or less sheets will be sent via Parcel Force.  We do this to get you the best shipping prices for the size and weight of your order. 

We can deliver to addresses within the United Kingdom with a valid postcode although for deliveries to non-mainland UK addresses and certain remote locations e.g. Scottish Isles, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands, Channel Islands may be subject to an additional delivery charge and have a slightly longer delivery lead time.  

Delivery charges start from £16.50 and are dependent upon the number of sheets and weight of the rolls.


Double Lined Neoprene

Description: The most commonly encountered neoprene and for good reason, it’s a great all-rounder. With a lining on both sides it has the inherent stretch of neoprene but offers good durability too.  The linings come in a variety of colours and the thicknesses are available from 1.0mm to 7.0mm.

Suitable for: Everything from tiny pencil cases to large wetsuits.


Small Diamond Neoprene

Description: Small Diamond is the lining of this neoprene specification and it’s harder wearing than standard lining.  Ideal for products that are going to be in tough environments and require a little extra protection.  If you need something even tougher go for the Strong Pad lining.

Suitable for: Protection pads, harnesses, outdoor covers and sleeves


Strong Pad Neoprene

Description: Strong Pad lining is for seriously tough environments.  It’s ideal if you need a product that is going to be used and abused and withstand regular  impact against another surface.

Suitable for: Knee pads, outdoors covers and sleeves, equine/canine associated products


Stretch Fabric Neoprene

Description: A double lined neoprene that is both durable and stretchy.  If your product is going to be worn or you’re making a sleeve that’s going to be pulled around something then a stretch fabric could be the best solution for you.  If you need something really stretch have a look at out Slick Skin option.

Suitable for:  Sports wear, sleeves and covers

Perforated Neoprene

Perforated Neoprene

Description:  Perforated neoprene adds breathability to this material.  If you’re making something that is going to be worn for long periods of time and you don’t want the user to get too hot, then this might be your solution.  The neoprene core has holes but the lining is unperforated maintaining the clean look.

Suitable for:  Sports wear, items that are going to be worn for long periods


Embossed Neoprene

Description:  Embossed neoprene gives the surface a unique look.  This finish can really bring a product to life without changing the performance of the neoprene.

Suitable for: Bags, cases, sleeves, let your creativity go with this one!

Flame_retardant Neoprene

Flame Retardant Neoprene

Description:  Flame retardant neoprene gives the product the chance to enter into markets where this is a requirement.  It looks and feels like it’s equivalent without the Flame retardant properties so it’s use doesn’t compromise your product. Available in a varaiety of colours and in 2.5mm thickness. 

Suitable for:  Markets that stipulate the need for flame retardant material

Flesh Neoprene

Flesh/Beige Coloured Neoprene

Description:  If you’re creating a product that requires a flesh/beige colour this is the one you need.  Available as double lined, perforated and with a velcro-receptive lining it’s ideal for products that are going to be worn by the end user.

Suitable for:  Medical supports, movie costumes

Velcro_receptive neoprene

Velcro-receptive Neoprene

Description:  Velcro-receptive neoprene is incredibly useful when creating a product that is going to be worn or secured to/around another product.  The surface is the equivalent to soft velcro loops so “sticks” well to velcro hooks.  We stock a high quality, non-destructive lining which can be used again without breaking down.

Suitable for:  Supports, medical supports, covers, wraps

Velcro_receptive neoprene

Anti-Bacterial Medical Supports Neoprene

Description:  Neoprene is a brilliant material for creating medical supports.  Our premium option has a combination of properties that makes it perfect for the job.  It is 2.0mm thick with a velcro-receptive lining, a perforated core and an anti-bacterial lining.  It’s the first choice for customer building wrist supports, braces etc.

Suitable for:  Perfect for medical supports


Thermal Insulating Neoprene

Description:  The properties of neoprene make it a good insulator. However, if you need a neoprene where the primary objective is insulation (in a dry environment) then this one could be the one for you.  Available in both 3mm and 5mm thicknesses.

Suitable for:  Products that require insulation as their primary property

Sublimation_printing neoprene

Sublimation Printing Neoprene

Description:  Sublimation printing is possible on neoprene and can create a canvas for beautiful designs.  Our white neoprene is perfect for this (we do it here at Techneopro) and enables you make designs that are only limited by your creativity.

Suitable for:  Bespoke designs, company branded items, unique finishes

Camo Neoprene

Camo Neoprene

Description:  Camo neoprene is both functional in the outdoors and looks great on the high street.  If you’re creating a product that needs to hide the end user, our camo prints are the perfect way to achieve this alongside the brilliant properties of neoprene.  This can be available in both double lined and single lined. 

Suitable for:  Outdoors products, covers, cases, wraps, high-street fashion

White Stomatex

White Stomatex - Clearance

Description:  Designed for sports wear and medical supports, Stomatex technology was created to move heat away from the user through the unique “stomata”.  

This is a clearance item, when it’s gone it’s gone.

Suitable for:  Sports wear and medical supports

Slick Skin Neoprene

Slick Skin Neoprene

Description: This is a single lined neoprene.  The slick skin surface does what the name suggests, it offers very little friction so it ideal for products that you need to slide into easily.  The slick surface isn’t as tough as a neoprene with lining but the slick surface is typically worn against the skin where the risk is damage is low.

Suitable for:  Seals for dive suits and outdoor apparel

Shark skin neoprene

Shark Skin Neoprene

Description:  Shark skin neoprene has an embossed surface which gives it texture.  From a functional point of view this gives the surface of the neoprene grip.  From an aesthetic point of view this creates a really interesting and different looking surface.

Suitable for:  Non-slip mats, product covers/gowns, protective surfaces.

Mesh Neoprene

Mesh Neoprene

Description:  Mesh Neoprene is similar to Shark skin neoprene but the embossed finish is less coarse and less obvious.  It’s another great way of adding grip to your product.

Suitable for:  Non-slip mats, product covers/gowns, protective surfaces.

Slick_sandwich neoprene

Slick sandwich Neoprene

Description:  Slick sandwich neoprene offers a fairly unique cobination where both surfaces or the neoprene are slick.  The “lining” runs through the core of the neoprene ensuring the neoprene still has strength and durability.  It’s perfect for creating products that need to be easily cleaned.

Suitable for:  Messy environments where products need to be easily cleaned.


Neoskin Neoprene

Description:  Neoskin neoprene is a single lined neoprene with an embossed finish.  The surface pattern makes for a very attractive finish, perfect for making products come to life is a unique way.

Suitable for:  Bags, sleeves, pouches, fashion

Types of Neoprene – a dissection of neoprene

There are various properties of neoprene and it’s best to think about them in the three key parts of its structure; the core, and the two linings (face and reverse).

Sponge Neoprene Core – The neoprene core is in simple terms, the spongy bit in the middle.  Techneopro specialises in sponge neoprene rather than solid neoprene.  Sponge neoprene is basically lots of tiny bubbles of air trapped in rubber.  The core can have varying densities altering the weight of the neoprene, its stretch and its durability.  At Techneopro we typically use a grade of neoprene core called “W8” which is a high-quality neoprene suitable for demanding applications which is suitable for users to wear if required.  The core is available in various thicknesses.  At Techneopro we stock neoprene from 1mm up to 7mm. 

Aeroprene; perforated core – The insulating properties of neoprene can sometimes be more than you need and it may be beneficial to have some breathability in the material.  This is achieved by simply having lots of holes or perforations in the core to aid air flow.  This is particularly useful for things like medical supports where you require the support from neoprene but don’t want to sweat whilst wearing it. 

Single Lined Neoprene – A neoprene without any lining at all will be incredibly stretchy but it will have little strength and could tear.  During the manufacturing process, linings are added to the neoprene sponge core to change its properties.  Linings on a single lined neoprene are often very stretchy material to maintain as much of the original stretch as possible but the choice is up to you.

Slick or Textured surfaces – On the opposite side to a single lining will be the exposed sponge neoprene core.  The properties of this can be altered to achieve a number of different requirements.  It can simply be smooth, or it can be slick creating an almost slippery finish often used when creating seals on the wrist and necks of dive suits.  In contrast, the surface can be embossed giving it a textured finish.  This is ideal for creating a surface this has grip and won’t slide or could hold something inside without it slipping out. 

Double lined neoprene – A neoprene that has a lining on both the face and the reverse is simply called, doubled lined.  This is typically used when a more durable neoprene is required.  The linings can vary massively and provides a huge amount of versatility to what can ultimately be created.  The linings can be made from various materials but typically nylon and polyester are used. 

Velcro-receptive neoprene – These linings are really useful for creating something that needs to be fixed in place using Velcro hook.  If you need to create a sleeve or a protective wrap, this is the way to do it. 

Antibacterial neoprene

Antibacterial neoprene – it is possible to treat the lining of neoprene so it has an antibacterial property.  The fabric linings are processed using AEGIS Microbe Shield®.  This is ideal for medical supports where the user may be wearing the neoprene for an extended period of time and the control of any secondary infection is required.


Bioprene - reduced environmental impact

Traditionally the neoprene core has been made with petrochemical (oil) based raw materials.  However, in recent years there has been an increasing range of neoprene available that have been derived from plant-based materials and sea shells, a by-product of the shell food industry.  These recently created neoprene types share the same properties of traditional neoprene but have a significantly reduced impact on the environment.  At Techneopro we source “Bioprene” from our supplier in the far east which includes the very latest in the range, “BIO-II Sponge”.

Recycled linings for neoprene – It is possible to have a recycled lining on your neoprene sponge core.  If you’re looking for product which has a reduced impact on the environment then this is the choice for you.