Medical Supports

In 2005 Techneopro was approached by Clinicians from The Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske to produce medical supports for them to improve the quality of the product they were previously receiving as well as reduce the carbon miles.  We agreed to develop a new medical wrist support to overcome all of the issues clinicians were experiencing with the existing range of support available to them.

It was clear other manufacturers were using the wrong base material as most were using standard neoprene which is designed to keep you warm and would obviously cause heat build up leading to over heating and perspiration. This can lead to other problems such as itching and rashes which caused some patients and clinicians to believe they were allergic to neoprene.

Our solution was to use Bioprene® which is an antibacterial neoprene which prevents the build up of bacteria preventing irritation and reducing smells. The lining fabrics are also specially made using AEGIS ®. Products stay fresher longer which means the medical supports can be used longer between washing. This reduces the amount of detergents and water used, making the product more environmentally friendly.

We carried out patient trials of Bioprene® over a period of two years and had very positive results and some patients that believed they were allergic to neoprene are actually using Bioprene® supports and experiencing no side effect at all.

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Medical Wrist Support