Bioprene® is a registered trademark of Techneopro and is a sponge composite material with high antimicrobial capability.  It has been treated with AEGISTM Microbe Shield. This means that it is highly effective for healthcare products as it is sterile and kills most bacteria. The inner layer consists of rubber which can block out liquids.  The most common version of Bioprene® is perforated for breathability. Bioprene® is available with antibacterial fabric linings which are processed using AEGIS Microbe Shield®. Bioprene® is machine washable (40°C max) and so can be easily cleaned, whilst maintaining its antibacterial properties for the life of the product.

Antimicrobial Capability

The AEGIS Microbe Shield® treatment gives long lasting protection against bacteria and prevents loss of color. It is composed of Nam Liong’s patented biomaterial-containing sponges. These are laminated with AEGIS Microbe Shield® treated antimicrobial fabrics or processed with antimicrobial NEOSKIN on the surface.