The UK’s largest importer and stockist of neoprene.

At Techneopro we have a long history of working with neoprene and we are now the UK’s largest importer.  We also hold thousands of sheets in stock for our customers and general sale.  If we haven’t got it, we can get it. 

We don’t sell our neoprene through an online shop, we prefer instead to talk to our customers first to ensure they are getting what they need.  There are a huge number of varieties so we want you to buy what’s right for the job. Our smallest customers take a few sheets a year whilst our biggest customers take hundreds every month.  Whatever your needs, we’re confident we can help.

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Neoprene for Sale

Techneopro sells all kinds of Neoprene sheets to suit a variety of applications. We sell sheets of rubber in 2.1m x 1.2m. There is a big choice of thickness, density, finish, colour, durability, breathability and velcro reception. The choice can be daunting for a new customer, so we’ll help you with your selection.


Bioprene® is a registered trademark of Techneopro and is a sponge composite material with high antimicrobial capability which is treated with AEGISTM Microbe Shield.
This means that it is highly effective for healthcare products as it is sterile and kills most bacteria. The inner layer consists of rubber which can block out liquids but the most common version of Bioprene® is perforated for breathability. Bioprene® is available with antibacterial fabric linings which are processed using AEGIS Microbe Shield®. Bioprene® is machine washable (40°C max) and so can be easily cleaned, whilst maintaining its antibacterial properties for the life of the product.

Antimicrobial Capability

The AEGIS Microbe Shield® treatment gives long lasting protection against bacteria and prevents loss of colour. It is composed of Nam Liong’s patented biomaterial-containing sponges. These are laminated with AEGIS Microbe Shield® treated antimicrobial fabrics or processed with antimicrobial NEOSKIN on the surface.

What is Neoprene?

Neoprene or Polychloroprene to give it its proper title is a type of synthetic rubber which was created in the 1930s by chemical research specialists DuPont. Thanks to its versatility, durability and flexibility, it has a massive range of uses. It is a unique and versatile material which means it is used in all sorts of applications. It does not get degraded by the sun, water or wind and varieties can even be flame retardant.

There are new formulations of being developed all the time as manufacturers find new uses for various products. It has always been most recognisably used for creating wetsuits but today it is finding applications in things like laptop sleeves and smartphone cases.

What is Neoprene used for?

Neoprene is used in more products than you may think, and in actual fact you probably interact with it on a daily basis.

Neoprene most often comes in foam sheets which they can be used for various applications, including wetsuits, iPhone cases and laptop sleeves. It has even been used to make smell trapping dog poo carriers!

There are also lots of medical uses for Neoprene, including athletic supports, braces, bandages and other medical equipment. It resists stretching out of shape and is water resistant, so it can be worn for long periods of time and during vigorous activity.